BEX is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the Okanagan Valley, BC. Her singer-songwriter/alt-folk style is unashamedly introspective; powerful yet charmingly benign.
Known to be captivatingly melancholic in style, she brings a gentle light to the shadows of herself.
Bex's live performance, guides the audience inward, giving them a space to relate, connect and to share in an experience that cultivates a spirited and more conscious way to show up in the world.

New Music out 01-07-2-22

March 26: Salt & Brick, Kelowna BC
March 27: Barn Owl Brewing, Kelowna BC
May 3: Redbird Brewing, Kelowna BC
May 18: The Curious Cafe, Kelowna BC
June 11: Folk Showcase-Red Bird Brewing, Kelowna
June 18: Salt & Brick, Kelowna BC
June 22: Guilt & Co., Vancouver, BC

July 6: Vice & Virtue, Kelowna BC
July 9: Upside Cider, Kelowna BC
July 14: The Curious Cafe, Kelowna BC
July 21: Red Bird Brewing, Kelowna BC

August 16: Micro, Kelowna BC
August 18: Cannery Brewing, Penticton BC

September 21: Vice & Virtue, Kelowna BC
September 22: Red Bird Brewing, Kelowna, BC (guest opener for The Pack AD)

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