BEX is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the Okanagan Valley, BC. Her alt-folk/singer-songwriter style is unashamedly introspective; powerful yet charmingly tender.
Known to be captivatingly melancholic in style, she intently shines a gentle light to the shadows of herself.
Bex's live performance, guides the audience inward, giving them a space to relate, connect and to share in an experience that cultivates spirited authenticity and a more conscious way to show up in the world.

Bex has opened up the stage for Juno award winner Danny Michel and The Pack A.D..

Bex also performs with Canadiana dream folk duo, Josh + Bex as well as roots/folk quartet, Layer Cake Mountain.

March 26: Salt & Brick, Kelowna BC
March 27: Barn Owl Brewing, Kelowna BC
May 3: Redbird Brewing, Kelowna BC
May 18: The Curious Cafe, Kelowna BC
June 11: Folk Showcase-Red Bird Brewing, Kelowna
June 18: Salt & Brick, Kelowna BC
June 22: Guilt & Co., Vancouver, BC

July 6: Vice & Virtue, Kelowna BC
July 9: Upside Cider, Kelowna BC
July 14: The Curious Cafe, Kelowna BC
July 21: Red Bird Brewing, Kelowna BC

August 16: Micro, Kelowna BC
August 18: Cannery Brewing, Penticton BC

September 21: Vice & Virtue, Kelowna BC

September 22: Red Bird Brewing, Kelowna, BC (guest opener for The Pack AD)

November 22: Red Bird Brewing, Kelowna BC

November 27: Barn Owl Brewing, Kelowna BC

December 3: Grand Forks Brewing, Grand Forks BC

December 18: Barn Owl Brewing, Kelowna BC

December 23rd: Marmalade Cat Cafe, Kelowna BC


February 12th: Cannery Brewing, Penticton BC



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